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I'm The Pied Piper

As soon as he turned it on
The wind outside of his room
Stirred up for a few seconds

He thought to himself
I'll climb out my window
And go sit out there with my radio

Out the window he went
Sitting against a small stump
Behind some flowerbeds

The light from his bedroom window he could still see
The music of bach was playing

After a while it began to sound distant
As the young prince gazed at this radio on his knee
The music was floating away from his hearing

What could be happening
He took it off of his knee
And put the radio to his ear
Nothing happened

Then the transistor left his hands
And was floating in the mid-air
Two feet off the ground

As the prince laughed
It suddenly turned around
And it was light green phosphourous in color

Dancing back and forth
The magic transistor
Started moving down his path

He could hear the sound out
Like nothing he had ever heard before

The trees were getting closer together
And flowers glowed with tinges of magic light
As he followed thinking to himself
What's going on?

The transistor lifted slowly
Up to the top of a little tree
And sat there
While it slowly became louder
To where the prince could hear it clearly

Fireflies shot across the path in front of the prince
He turned around and couldn't see the light from his window
There he was watching all alone all by himself
He got a hunch to get back to his room
And he turned and ran right back

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