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Strawberry Julius

It's you
All over my skin
Taking invisible streets
To the fake place
Where we win.....
Watch me now
From the back of the room,
Just don't touch me with
Your bare hands
Whatever you do.....
I wanna burn baby burn
Baby black and blue
Burn it baby burn it baby
Burn with the truth
Ask you what the fuck
What the fuck
What the fuck
What the fuck did they do to you?
(who needs a beat when the beat just goes)
I gotta tell you something
I gotta tell you something
Your palm
The back of my neck
It means more than any porn
I wanna forget
(maybe baby I just wanna forget)
I'll say something wrong
Say something wrong wrong right
Say it so wrong
Say it wrong
Say it right
Just stay here and be with me
For real
Stay in your body tonight
I'll be your mama, your sister
I'll be your fuckin dad
I'll be the best little baby
That you ever had had
Cuz I got more tongues
Than just this one
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
(who needs a beat? )
I've got to go now
I've got to go now

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