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My World

I know the kind of love your searching for
You're looking for a love that lasts forever
But holding me tonight you can't be sure
I might be the answer you need

We can make this dream come true
I can make it real for you
You won't find another who will love you like I do
Cause i
I want to get you in my world

Lonely times when you've been cold and wishing
You're living with a wall around your heart
But you may never find the love your missing
Baby, baby, baby take your chance on me


All the time you're wasting holding back from me
So much love here waiting can't you see
We could be so good
If you'd just come into my life


How can I get you into my world
How can I get you into me
How can I get you into my world

(if there's a chance I'm gonna find a way)

How can I get you into my world
Why can't you find your way to me
(I'm gonna keep on asking you)
How can I get you into my world

(baby, baby, how can I get you)

Choruses out

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