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Last Dog & Pony Show 1998
Who Was Around? текст песни

Who Was Around?

Who was around when the world was falling down?
Who turned away? couldn't bother to be around this now
Who walked away when the game wasn't fun to play?
And my escape became my only game

Hand me over and hand me down
Get me out of your sight
No direction, my compass is broken
Where'd you leave me tonight?

I was a child, and now it seems so long ago
Why'd you abandon me? maybe it's not for me to know
No explanation needed, nothing can change the way things went
You just weren't interested, I guess, I guess

Some days fine, others out of my mind
And the curse I curse is the worst it gets
I hold it inside as you sleep, as you hide from
The mess that you made of your life

(who was around when you were hungry?
Who eased the pain of all your sadness?
Who played with you when you were lonely?
Who was around? )

What will your conscience say? maybe you'll change the channel soon
Or simply hide it in the chest of drawers inside your room
Like old linoleum, battered and worn beyond repair
Go burn the whole house down, like anyone cares

Maybe in time, these indelible lines will
Fade like the hopes and the fears you denied
These feelings are gone, they've been buried along
With the rest of the mess that you made in your chest of drawers

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