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Maybe Tonight

Written by:
Erik trent andrews

I've no treasure to bring
I can't turn winter to spring
But I'd give anything
To give my heart to you

I can't write poems of love
My hand just won't fit that glove
Still darlin', my passion is real
And my heart is true

Maybe tonight
We'll dance in the pale moonlight
Maybe I'll stumble through a silly rhyme or two
While I hold you tight
And maybe tonight
Maybe my love is all you need

You must've disarmed my pride
Cuz I just stand here hypnotized
But if love can move mountains
Let my love move you


Please understand I'm baring my soul just as best I can to reveal one simple truth I'm simply in love with you

Chorus (gtr solo)

And maybe tonight maybe we'll write our melody maybe tonight maybe our love is all we need

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