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Final Words

People say a 'thug' is somethin I shouldn't be
Some say 'death' is somethin I shouldn't see
I had to be me, I had to do what I had to do
Only hung wit niggas who said I ain't mad at you, buck, good
Now I'm back in the hood, puffin the backwood
Sportin the all black hood, regroup it
Wit my niggas who stay shootin
Now I'm up in ya spot, ready for the lootin
Tell me I'm bug, for sayin I'm a thug
In this new millennium i'mma give you a slug
It's real now, this is how I feel now
Niggas ain't have a reason to kneel down, till now
Shit wanna know, why I'm back in crow hill, now?
It's more bills now and everybody real now
So all I wanna do is pop and sip
Roll up and then precede to hit the back of the spliff
And be who I be, t-h-u-g
This is live shit, now this ain't a fuckin movie
Niggas see me and they wanna do me
Shit, not to mention the groupies
That wanna get next to my groups, see
Aw man, it's all over wit
Buck on some wack chauvinistic shit
You see this, when I show you this, muthafucka

[chorus 2x: swan]
One nigga teach two niggas, three teach four niggas
And them niggas teach more niggas
And when we blast thatta be the biggest blast ya heard
And thems is my last words

When I big my niggas up, everybody give it up
What, thorough from the borough of brook, we live it up
Mad change, mad bitches givin me brain
Livin this life, of so many years the pain
Of a lotta niggas I lost, beein the boss
Mad niggas jealous of the way, little man floss
So of course, my course of action, is to keep buckin wit passion
Till the muthafuckin last one is standin
When the bomb is landin, everybody knew it was the original man and
Buckshot, the bdi thug is here, don't ask me shit,
Muthafucka watch my stare

[chorus 2x]

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