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Twenty Four Seven 1999
Without You текст песни

Without You

I'm feeling low I tear out my hair
Walking 'round in circles like I don't care
One shoe off the other one on
Cause I threw the damn shoe the night that you were gone
I'm in the mood I'm in such a mess
My heart is broken and I'm in distress
Don't wanna eat don't wanna sleep
'cause I'm thinking 'bout the dirty way you treated me
I'm in no mood for company
You see I just don't want your pity

'cause I call your name to drive me insane
And I feel the need to make my heart bleed
And baby I don't know why I'm drowning in tears
'cause I don't wanna die
So I find myself another way to learn to live another day
Without you yeah

Looking down at the way I got dressed
I need to know 'is that why you left'
My face is sweet but my head is wrecked
By the things that you said on the night you left
You can keep your sympathy
Because I just don't want your pity
Repeat chorus

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