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Hoop Dreams (He Got Game)

Man I had a crazy crazy dream dogg.
I had a dream I was in the NBA straight playin basketball.
NBA straight getting my ball on dogg.
Can you imagine?
Snoop Dogg in the NBA?
Imagine that, Hoop Doggy Dogg.
Yea straight ballin.
You know I'm a ball anyway so why not.
Let me get my ball on.

If I could play in the NBA
I would be that six-four all day shootin that trey
I dribbled to the outside and passed it to Shaq
they double teamed on him so he passed it back
Look at the 3 but I don't take the shot
cause I think I'm cold and I aint trying to get hot
I'm feelin bionic, we playing the Sonics
And I'm sticking Gary Payton so you know I'm ball hatin
Bang on Vin Baker cause real Lakers really don't care yea yea
Next stop in the court on Damon toast Stouda and my homeboy J.R. Rider
Minnesota Timberwolves, we cut 'em down
Hakeem Olajuwon and Scottie Pippen, we shut 'em down
The Twin Towers, Dave and Duncan
20 in the paint fool you get's nothing
On a four game roll sweep, beep beep
We beat the Bulls and we rocked the Heat
And we traded for a few players, some Pacers
Miller and Mullin and now they Lakers
We cant be beat now, we on a 27 game win streak now, bow wow
When it all started from a dream
I'm playin point guard on my favorite team (Lakers)
I got the big perm, doing interviews with Chick Herm
At Stu Lance, we do a dance
When it rains poppin shampane
Basketball yes yall thats the game
Two years ago a friend of mine
Ask me to glide from the free throw line
So I took the ball, and as I made the hoop
Everybody jumped up and they said "Go Snoop"
And my career jumped off into the fast lane
My rookie season I made my first all star game
Double G like George Gervin, thats what the call me cause I'm so ice
Ballin cause that's my life, I balls all day, and I balls all night
They call me Snoop Dogg and everybody know I love to hustle and ball
The season gettin tragic we lost to the Magic
and the word is that Rodman done had it
So I guess it on a young homie, the great number 8, Mr. Koby
Give him the ball dogg he ready
We got to play Charlotte tonight, I'm stickin Eddie
Remember all the good times that we had
Cuz dont trip to long cause tommorow we play the Jazz
Then it on to play the Denver Nuggets
The homeboy Nick they traded, but damn I still love 'em
Keep a picture of 'em on the wall next to Dr. J
Meach, I love basketball
Allen Iverson on the fly boy he hard to stick
C Webb comin through with a quick pick
The NBA Saturday mornings hey or maybe on a Sunday
We in the playoffs so stay off the court
This aint no game, this a sport
And we in it to win it, we ballin, No Limit
Remember this
When I grow up on wanted to be a point guard playing on NBC
With Herb and Suge or Pistol Pete or World B. Free givin dap to me
Givin up my dues with converse shoes
And tellin all the kids to stay in school
This is true and your dreams can come true
if it happen to me, it can happen to you

That's for all the NBA players that dream of being a rapper.
I'm a rapper that dreams of being a NBA player and I'm a baller.
Let's bounce up out of here man.

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