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Life In The Projects

[Thurgood of PJ's]
Yeah, get up, get down
That's what P Funk say

Get your money man, it's hard out there
It's hard out there, dogg
What, yeah, huh
Get yours, get yours, get yours

Shootin' dice on length with a couple of G's
Dust off my knees, twist off my cap and breathe
Jump in the six-four, sittin' on D
Spit a few caps at my enemies
Please, freeze, there's a new sheriff in town
Livin' in the projects, Dogg Pound Pound
No father figure, just gangbang nigga
Cuz they give it up quicker and they learn to pull a trigger
All role models on TV
Most of us ain't got a TV, you feel me?
Shit, Michael Jordan don't come through
I bet the nigga get the money when it time to sell his shoe
I'm telling you, I ain't puttin' him down
Cuz I love him to death but I ain't ever seen him in my town
But you could see Snoop Dogg everyday
I'm boss to the blocks like the projects in the PJ's
Yeah, for those of you who don't know
This is the land of the scandalous and cut throats
Child support- that's unheard of
Number one crime in the motherfucker- murder
Ya heard me? Hmm, I'ma stay down
For the get down, from a puppy to the big dogg
Put that on the penthouse
Life in the projects, bang, bang, pow, pow
Is how it sounds

Life in the projects
Where it's hard to get by
But you got it cuz your spot's gettin' hotter
Life in the projects
Where grass is cheese and cheese is power
Life in the projects
Where you got to have the will to know how
Know how to do what? Survive
Life in the projects
You got to get yours cuz I'ma get mine

Life in the projects, goodness grief
Everybody waitin' on the 1st and 15th
The police man is tryin' to get atcha
Catcha, snatcha, open up your fridge
Nuttin' lookin' back atcha
So you open up your freeza and say 'God, please'
I wish we had some more of this government cheese
I'm duckin' buckshots, see, walkin' on my knees
Ain't no trees, the grass ain't green
And when I say it's all bad, you know what I mean
There's One In Every Family- what? A Fiend
And a basketball star with no team, no dreams
Remember good times? JJ and Michael?
And all the lil' thangs they went through despite
Nobody in the projects gave a fuck
Ain't no good, it's all badluck, shucks, shoppin' poppin'
Back up on all the scene, from the George Down, PJ's, Cali or projects
And the Cabrini Greens, my niggas get wild on they ass
We like to pow-pow on they ass
Here's a toast to the coast, so take a blast
From the projects to the upper deck, upper class
A long way from where I come from
I know where I'm at, nigga, I can't forget where I came from


[Repeat to fade]
Life in the projects

I know all them real niggas out there that's livin' they life in the projects
That's going through that bullshit, y'know
I know how y'all niggas feel
Nigga, Doggy Dogg for ya pain
It's like I'm livin' in the motherfuckin' projects, too
Y'know what I'm sayin'?
They want y'all to throw me out my state
So, fuck
I might as well move back in the projects
That's where my real niggas at any motherfuckin' way
I gotta get mine, I gotta get mine
Life in the projects
Nigga, better get yours cuz I'ma get mine
Life in the projects, feel me?
You better get yours cuz I'ma get mine
Life in the projects, yeah
You better get yours cuz I'ma get mine
Life in the projects, yeah
We out, we out

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