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Kill Miss America

I wanna' be a fucking prize winning drag queen
With the platform boots and the tombstone looks
I want the whole world to hate me
With the bolts in my neck and the gun in my dress
Tonight I'm the prettiest zombie alive
I'm alive, I'm alive, I'm alive
And I don't care what it takes I'm gonna' win the prize
I'm gonna' kill miss america
Kill miss america
Kill miss america
Kill miss america, yeah, yeah, yeah
(lead: joey)
I want you to spit when you see me
And if you don't I'm gonna' spit on you
I love it when they hate me
And when I win I'm gonna' rub it in
(lead: tripp)
I got murder on my mind
Ten seconds 'til death tonight
Mamma's little baby's gonna' die, die, die
I'll cut her throat and take what's mine

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