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Slit My Wrist

(lead: joey)
Paranormal chicken geek
Drugged-up superstar fiend
Genderbending galactic freak
Sci-fi lobotomy

Exorcism, circumcision
Horrifying gruesome scene
Bloodsuckers, a motherfucking
Brain dead neurotic fiend
Sick, get sick on this
You motherfuckers make me
Wanna' slit my wrist
Sick, so sick of this
I wanna' slit my wrist

A basketcase, stitched-up face
Be all you can be
Chiller, killer, monster thriller
Trigger happy zombie

Radiation, masturbation
Infect the other human beings
Supersonic, chronic vomit
Barbed wire cock ring
(lead: tripp)
Murder, murder, yes indeed
Murder, murder, yes indeed

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