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Aa Meeting Intro

[swift] aiyyo man
[j-ro] ay, what time we get out this motherfucker?
[swift] hey man, let me get a cigarette
[? ] homey, yeah you was drunk
[swift] you don't hear me cat? hello? let me get a cigarette

[meeting organizer]
*tapping stick on podium*
Well hold up hold hold hold hold up peace hold up hold up
Quiet the fuck on up!
Hold on quiet up!
We got, we came here to day, to get the aa program started
*booing, catcalls*
Now I don't know, if y'all know that y'all don't know that
I'm posed to be here, but, we got a twelve step program
That's gon' get y'all on the right trails

[j-ro] the right what?
[man] the right trails
[j-ro] what time we get out this motherfucker man?
[man] man you get out as soon as you answer my questions
I got twelve questions, and we only on question number one
You got ta admit that you a drunk, and you all
Gotta say it in harmonism
[j-ro] harmoo say what? *laughter*
*tapping on podium*
[man] I need erybody, in here, to come together, in harmonism
And say I'm a alkaholik
A alkaholik, nigga you know what I'm sayin!
You the one with the drink in your back pocket and your front pocket
On three, I need everybody to say
I'ma alkaholik
One, two, trey niggaz!
I'm an alkaholik
Now y'all motherfuckers can leave, get the fuck outta here!

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