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Keep It Pourin'

Check it. pass it over here nigga, ha ha ha. check it out, check it out.

Yo, my name is j-ro, I'm from the 8-1-8, straight golden state
All-time great, sorry I'm late (alright man)
Back in high school, I was real boney
I started drinking 40's with my homies, t-ran and tony
Than I graduated to cisco gettin' faded
On the weekends at the disco, I'm gettin' thicker (yeah)
I need to get drunk quicker (yeah)
I'm drinking st. ide's but can't stand malt liquor
Remember st. ide's brought them cases to the spot (yeah)
We use to have no food or fridge, we use to drink 'em hot
(I remember that shit)
I use to drink the o.e. down to the sticker
Pour in the guinness stout to make it thicker
Black eightball y'all, I'm still drinkin after last call
Drinkin 40 with my girl, hurlin all in the mall
Now I'm at the point of no return
Downin hen-rock that make my throat burn
To me and alcohol we go way back like memos
When me and suave d and king tee was making demos
Why-o-why do I drink all the 40's
Why-o-why do I down all the gin (I don't know)
Why-o-why do I need a double hen
How come everytime I hurl I say I'll never drink again
(you ain't the only one nigga)

J-ro talking:
Yeah, I'll down anything, except jack daniels (ha ha ha)
Thanks to ice-t for buying a gallon of that shit
On king tee's birthday; you know I became
The first member of the balcony club

I can get you drunk if you want me to. (keep it pourin' y'all
J-r-o (keep it pourin') don't stop, don't stop
A-yo my name is j-ro - j-ro from hip hop drunkies
Don't stop (x6)

D-r-u-n-k use to be a reason for a very nice day but hey
You can't get by, by living that way
So now I only drink after I get my pay, cold, bold and demanding
That makes the ro outstandin, offen imitating, but never duplicating
I always say, that when you drink you gots to think
One time I got drunk and lost my gold link
I use to act a fool in these streets like martin lawrence
Running down florence trying to get the
But I didn't take a fall, cause all in all
It ain't nothing but another brick in the wall
I ain't to teach ya, I'm just wanna reach ya
The wild ass great grand son of a preacher

I can get you drunk if you want me to

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