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Bouncing Souls 1997
Party At 174 текст песни

Party At 174

We're gonna have a party and it's gonna pay the bills. There's gonna be some beer we're gonna have a show let's go call the wall let everybody know! Ernie ate five frittah's he's dyin for anothuh we won't invite your dad but we will invite your mutha! Stevie D. showed up in his gremlin he's runnin from the pigs we tried to clean up the backyard but we got no help from wig! ill-phill deville and cool hand bill they came to dance and they came to swill tim chunks got lost on route 8 he can't drive he's from queens. The sticks and stones crew brought some wine they'll be here for a while the dog is dancin in the driveway picken chiken style. The dairy swill girls and the demo's are here pablo's playing darts colt 45 works everytime, lando's breakin heart's.

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