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Bouncing Souls 1997
Shark Attack текст песни

Shark Attack

Hey whats up?
Im having My friends over for dinner
Who you having over for dinner?
The bouncing souls
The bouncing souls?
Yeah the bouncing souls
Those fucking new jersey mooches?
They?re not mooches
Yes they are they only go on tours so they can eat other people?s food don?t you know that?
I?m just making them dinner
Well you better lock your god damn freezer I?ll tell you right now
They don?t want anything in our freezer
They?re scum I tell you right now they?re homeless people
There not homeless they play in a band they played in France
That?s the same thing!
Shark attack! shark attack! quarter pounders
and big macs shark attack! shark attack!
when we eat steaks our heads roll back.
Bouncing Souls are on your block first
we eat then we rock close your windows
lock your doors we like food better when it's yours.
Feeding frenzy at your mom's just sit still
and stay calm it's too late you let us in
let the eating games begin! Shark attack!
See I told you they?d eat every god damn thing in the house!
Sorry! I hate the Bouncing Souls
There?s no chicken or biscuits they ate all the Yoo-hoo
What the hell were you thinking?
Don?t ever invite them back!
Are you a moron?
Oh shit they?re coming back!
feeding frenzy in the street drinking beer
and eating meat when were hungry watch
your back as we plan our next attack...Shark Attack!

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