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Chance It

(l. stansfield/i. devaney/a. morris)

Chance it and stay with me
Chance it , share the the love I want to give
Chance it, you can always change your mind
Chance it, don't be so unkind
Let me pull you into my mind
Believe in me and set me free
Chase the love I hold inside
Rise above me, make love with me
Do you own the power to love?
Deep inside, forget your pride
Do you know the feeling is true?
Well if you do, it's something new


I can take you where you've never been
Ooh, connect with me
Let's up and run away
Ahhh, stay with me


How long will you hide behind
Those steely eyes?
Throw the barriers aside
And hold me tight

Chorus (4x)

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