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We Will Cry

(l. stansfield/i. devaney/a. morris)

And we will climb, rise up above the shame
And we won't run, run from each others grace
And we shall stand, stand up against the fear
And we will never, never go back again
And we will cry

What do they know of loneliness and love
A love so strong you'd gladly give your soul
They don't see anything but hunger and fear
Fear to lose themselves, deep within themselves
And they hide, they hide behind their eyes
For fear their pride be broken
We have our hearts
To pull throught the pain
To take us to the very edge and push us over

And I can't see any other way but to leave this place

They will never know how good they've made us feel
Their shallow lives have made us so much stronger
They'll never feel, the way we feel
They way we stand for one another
So take your useless time and get on with your life
We've been a passing light and now we're passing over
And you will never know how loneliness can feel
For all we felt inside was hunger for each other

Chorus and fade

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