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Thinking About His Baby

(l. stansfield/i. devaney/a. morris)

He's up all night, thinking about his baby
He tries to fight, the knot he feels inside
He sits alone, and wonders where she's gone
They know the rules, but they want something more

All they need to say, so why do they hide away
They should be together
All the lonely nights, will they ever realize
That they feel the same

Ooh, thinking about his baby
He wants his baby and he won't rest 'till he gets his baby

She's up all night, thinking about his baby
And nothings right, until he's by her side

Taking everything they turn it the other way
Only to feel the pain
And they really care, they need one another there
And they'll find their way

They don't need money, to get what they want
They need to realize just what they've got
They don't need nothing to push them along
They just need love

Repeat bridge then chorus fade

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